Monday, August 29, 2016

Gear Up: What to Wear in a Desert

Planning on having a desert adventure? Before you pack your bags and grab whatever is in your closet, be sure that your clothes will make you comfortable under the scorching heat of the sun. Being in a desert exposes you in extreme weather conditions. Daytime could get very humid while the night could be dry and freezing. To prevent you from getting sick while on a desert adventure, here are some suggestions on what you should wear:

1. Loose pants or leggings
Wearing shorts could cause skin irritations especially when you have to sit in the sand. Loose pants or leggings are the best options. However, make sure that your pants are made of cotton to prevent sweat from sticking to your legs.

2. Scarf and wide-rimmed hats
Be sure to have your head and neck covered when exploring the desert. Baseball caps or beanies will not help protect your head, face, and neck under the sun. To have these areas covered, wide rims are the best options. If you feel like you need more protection, go ahead and cover your upper body with a scarf.

3. Socks and boots
If possible, wear socks that go higher than your hiking boots. There are a lot of critters crawling around the desert so it’s best to have your feet covered as well. Also, with all the walking you’ll be doing, an ordinary sneaker or a flip-flop might give up because of the heat. Wear a comfortable heavy-duty boots so you won’t have to worry about the state of your feet when in the desert.

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When traveling to a desert, don’t forget to wear lots of sunscreen. Sunglasses are also essential to help you navigate the place without straining your eyesight. If you’re wearing the right stuff to a desert, I’m sure having a great time won’t be a problem.

I'm Steve Sorensen, a business economics student and a member of the Undergraduate Business Society (UBS) at UCLA. Having grown up in Phoenix, Arizona, I consider myself a son of the desert. Follow this page for updates.

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